When should I start shopping for my wedding gown?

We recommend that you begin shopping for your wedding gown 9 to 12 months prior to your wedding date to ensure that you are not rushing through the process. You are ready to seriously start shopping for your dress once you have an exact wedding date and have booked your venue. Since gowns take between 4 and 6 months to produce and bring in, with additional time needed for alterations, you should plan to have your dress ordered 6 to 8 months before your wedding. While some designers can accommodate rush orders if a dress is needed in a shorter time-frame, you may incur rush fees to expedite production of the gown.


“Do I need an appointment to try on wedding dresses?”

Yes. As a small boutique, we require appointments so that we can provide each and every bride with an intimate and personal shopping experience. Appointments can be made by calling the boutique or through our online booking system, here. Should you have any questions, concerns or special requests regarding an upcoming appointment, you can also email us at info@nyanzabridal.com.

“How long is my appointment?”

Appointments are scheduled for 90 minutes. We find this is enough time for a chat with your consultant, an introductory tour of the boutique, and time to pick out and try on anywhere from 8 to 12 dresses. If you need more time to find your dream wedding dress, we are happy to book a second or even a third appointment for you!

“How many people can I bring to my appointment?”

In order to provide intimate and semi-private appointments, we ask that you limit your number of guests to 4. Shopping for your wedding gown is a special and very personal experience. Therefore we recommend that you only bring those whose opinion you trust and value most. We have found that too many guests can distract and overwhelm a bride. We want your experience to be as stress-free as possible! Once you have chosen your gown, we are happy to make time for you to bring your friends and bridesmaids to see you try the one!
*If you would like to bring more guests to an appointment, or enjoy a truly luxurious shopping experience, please inquire about our VIP Appointments.

“What should I bring to my appointment?”

You should always come feeling your best! Having your hair and make-up done nicely can help you envision yourself as a bride. A strapless bra and shape-wear can also be helpful, however they are not required. We also encourage you to bring any inspiration images of dresses or styles you are interested in trying on.

“What is a VIP Appointment, and how do I book one?”

We offer an exclusive VIP shopping experience where brides may book an extended, private appointment!
The VIP experience includes:

• A two hour extended appointment when the atelier is closed to other clients;
• The chance to be styled by one of our elite bridal stylists;
• Drinks and sweet treats for you and your guests (limit to 8 guests).

The VIP Appointment begins at $125. Additional time and services may be negotiated. To request a VIP Appointment, please send an email to info@nyanzabridal.com, with the subject line “NYANZA: VIP” or make note of this request when completing the online booking form.


“What is the price range of the dresses at Nyanza?”

The majority of our gowns range in price from $3,500 to $9,000. While we do have a small selection of styles above and below this price point, we recommend budgeting at least $4,000 for a designer wedding dress at Nyanza. Before scheduling an appointment, make sure you have determined a budget for your gown. Our consultants will work with you to stay within your budget.

“What size gowns are available for try on?”

We only have one sample of each designer gown available for try on; these are a standard bridal sample size, 8 or 10. Please keep in mind that bridal sizing runs 1 to 2 sizes smaller than women’s regular street sizing. If the sample is either too big or too small for you, we have tricks of making it fit so as to give you the best sense of how the dress will look and fit in your size. If you anticipate needing a larger sample size, please let us know prior to your appointment and we will do our best to accommodate your request.

“Do you offer alterations?”

Yes. We offer alterations services for an additional fee. The cost of alterations is determined by the style of the gown and the scope of alterations needed. Alterations take place at the boutique, and you will be assisted by one of our consultants as well as the seamstress; both will ensure that your gown is styled and fitted perfectly for your big day. While you are not obligated to do alterations with us, we highly recommend that you do as our seamstress is familiar with the intricate nature of couture, designer gowns.


“When can I expect my gown to arrive?”

Every designer has a different delivery schedule, however most dresses take between 4 and 6 months to produce and bring in. Some gowns are available sooner depending on the designer and the style chosen. If you select a style that takes more time to produce than what you have, a designer may charge a rush fee to expedite production and ensure delivery in time for your wedding.

“I changed my mind- can I return or exchange my dress?”

No. All of our gowns are made-to-order upon purchase. This means the gown is ordered and being made just for you. As such, returns and exchanges are not possible. Our best advise: once you find your dress, stop shopping!